The 16th – 22nd February is Random Acts of Kindness Week 2020

Random acts of kindness (or RAKs) are selfless actions that offer kindness unexpectedly to another person. They can be any kind of gesture, big or small, and are usually unprompted and done without expecting anything in return. They have been proven to improve the mental well-being of both the giver and recipient and are really easy to build into everyday life. This week highlights RAKs to promote being kind to one another, and as Winston Churchill once said:

Monday 17th February is this year’s Random Acts of Kindness day, specially dedicated as a focus day to promote the event. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation aims to “make kindness the norm” and their website has some fantastic resources to use in the workplace and at home, including ideas for acts to do and a calendar so you can do small things every day. Popular site Buzzfeed also has some great ideas – 101 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. Here are some of our favourite ideas to try:


  • Send a message, a card, or some flowers to a loved one or a friend to remind them you are thinking of them
  • Hold a door open for someone
  • Let the person behind you in a queue go first
  • Compliment someone on their hair/ outfit etc. 
  • Cook someone a meal
  • Say “thank you” to your boss or colleague
  • Take in your neighbour’s parcel or put their wheelie bin away for them
  • Pick up some rubbish
  • Help out a friend or family member by vacuuming
  • Teach someone something new (perhaps fractions!)

So go on, give it a go! There is no better feeling than to make someone smile 🙂


Team Showcase