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“Over 1 million children could be sidelined by NHS mental health plan changes”

NSPCC 09/08/2019

“Children at risk of sexual exploitation need better support, report concludes”

Cardiff University 09/08/2019

BBC News 07/08/2019

“Daycare worker charged with neglect after four toddlers broke legs on same day”

Mirror 06/08/2019

“Podcast: What is the role of the nominated child protection lead in safeguarding children and young people?”

NSPCC 06/08/2019

Chelsea FC 06/08/2019

“Thousands of sexual offences against young children recorded by police”

NSPCC 06/08/2019

“Review and survivors’ helpline seek to close era of shortcomings in Church’s safeguarding”

Church Times 01/08/2019

Anna Freud 01/08/2019

“Inquiry publishes report into Nottinghamshire Councils”

IICSA 31/07/2019

“200,000 young people may have been groomed on social networks”

NSPCC 30/07/2019

Missing People 29/07/2019

“New children’s minister appointed in Boris Johnson reshuffle”

Community Care 28/07/2019

“Rising reports of children being left home alone during school holidays”

NSPCC 26/07/2019

UK Parliament 26/07/2019

“Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – April 2018 to March 2019, Annual Report, Experimental Statistics Report”

NHS England 25/07/2019

“International child abduction – preventing abduction and recovering children (England and Wales)”

UK Parliament 24/07/2019

NSPCC 23/07/2019

“Child mental health unit referrals ‘up nearly 50%”

Portsmouth News 20/07/2019

Breast-ironing recognised as child cruelty and assault by CPS

CPS 19/07/2019

BBC 18/07/2019

“Child mental health unit referrals ‘up nearly 50%'”

BBC 18/07/2019

“Are celebrities putting themselves at risk by using FaceApp?”

Capital FM 18/07/2019

Wave 105 18/07/2019

“Number of children and young people accessing NHS funded community mental health services in England, April 2018 to March 2019, Experimental Statistics”

NHS 18/07/2019

“Into the Lighthouse: the UK’s first safe space for child sexual abuse victims”

The Guardian 17/07/2019

“Instagram hides number of ‘likes’ from users in Australian trial”

The Guardian 17/07/2019

“Young, British and Depressed”

Channel 4

“Children and young people’s mental health – policy, CAMHS services, funding and education”

Parliament UK 16/07/2019

BBC 16/07/2019

“Equality and Diversity Newsletter – July 2019”

Showcase Training 15/07/2019

“EastEnders Bobby Beale converts to Islam after being released from prison”

Mirror 12/07/2019

Portsmouth News 12/07/2019

“Pioneering new tools to be rolled out in fight against child abusers”

GOV.UK 12/07/2019

“National mental health programme between schools and NHS”

GOV.UK 12/07/2019

BBC 12/07/2019

“Early intervention and child development: A parenting pilot in Peterborough”

Nuffield Health 11/07/2019

“Britain’s worst female paedophile to be released from prison”

Telegraph 11/07/2019

Action For Children 09/07/2019

“Police use of child spies in criminal gangs is lawful, high court rules”

The Guardian 08/07/2019

“Let children know you’re listening”

NSPCC 08/07/2019

Instagram 08/07/2019

“Podcast: How safe? 2019 report”

NSPCC 08/07/2019

Children as young as seven being used by ‘county lines’ drug gangs

Independent 05/07/2019

Sky News 04/07/2019

“Single mum, 23, ‘murdered her two young kids because they got in the way of her offering men sex for cash’”

The Sun 02/07/2019

“Three in five young people have experienced a mental health problem or are close to someone who has”

Mind UK

BBC 01/07/2019

“North East council care homes: Hundreds of children go missing”

BBC 01/07/2019

“Counting Lives Report: responding to children who are criminally exploited”

The Children’s Society

BBC 25/06/2019

“The challenges of tackling county lines in a rural area”

Community Care 26/06/2019

“Protecting children from female genital mutilation (FGM)”


The Guardian 24/06/2019

“Left to their own devices: children’s social media and mental health”


“Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Conference”

Westminster Insight

NSPCC 24/06/2019

“NUS calls on colleges to do more to tackle student sexual harassment”

FE Week 20/06/2019

“The mental health needs of young people with learning disabilities are overlooked despite an increased risk”

CYPMHC 20/06/2019

Independent 19/06/2019

Safeguarding Data Report 2015-17

Church of England 19/06/2019

“Teenage neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences”

BBC 18/06/2019

JAMA Network 17/06/2019

“New global resettlement scheme for the most vulnerable refugees announced

GOV.UK 17/06/2019

“Liverpool teenagers ‘paid money to stab other youths'”

BBC 17/06/2019

Missing People 17/06/2019

“Promoting emotional intelligence and defusing extremism among young men

Hacking Hate 17/06/2019

“Equality and Diversity Newsletter – June 2019”

Showcase Training 17/06/2019

The Children’s Society 17/06/2019

“PM launches new mission to put prevention at the top of the mental health agenda

GOV.UK 17/06/2019

“Three-quarters of knife arrests for first-time offences”

BBC 14/06/2019

Research in Practice 14/06/2019

“Protesters urged by police to reconsider airport disruption plans

Hampshire Chronicle 14/06/2019

“Selena Gomez: Instagram ‘would make me depressed'”

BBC 13/06/2019

NSPCC 12/06/2019

“NHS sets out ‘care for young carers’ offer in GP surgeries

NHS 11/06/2019

“Just for Kids Law takes Home Office to court over use of children as spies”

Just for Kids Law 10/06/2019


“How strong relationships can improve
infant mental health

MIDIRS Midwifery Digest 02/06/2019

“Safeguarding in faith communities”


“Fabricated or Induced Illness”


“Mike Thalassitis: Love Island star left notebook at scene of death

BBC 05/06/2019

“Trump’s Portsmouth visit: Protest turns sour as pro and anti Trump protesters face-off in Portsmouth city centre”

Portsmouth News 05/06/2019

“Northamptonshire child murders: Care failings revealed”

BBC 05/06/2019

“Miley Cyrus: ‘I won’t be grabbed without consent’

BBC 05/06/2019

“London Bridge inquest: Investigators ‘unaware’ attacker reported to anti-terror hotline”

BBC 04/06/2019

“Online troll jailed for falsely claiming Southsea businessman was a paedophile and had ‘children in the basement'”

Portsmouth News 03/06/2019

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