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Hampshire Alert 10/07/2020

“Luton Man Sentenced Following Terrorism Plot Investigation”

Counter Terrorism Policing 09/07/2020

“The impact of COVID-19 on mental health in England”

British Medical Association 08/07/2020

Hampshire Constabulary 07/07/2020

“Working with NAHT to provide guidance for pupil’s mental health and wellbeing”

Anna Freud  06/07/2020

“Why is it important to promote children’s mental health and wellbeing?”

NSPCC 03/07/2020

Counter Terrorism Policing 03/07/2020

“London Hospital Sees Spike In Child Abuse During Lockdown”

Barron’s 02/07/2020

“UKSIC partner with ITU to release new Child Online Protection guidelines”

UK Safer Internet Centre 02/07/2020

Hampshire Constabulary 01/07/2020

“Man jailed for rape and assault in Southampton”

Hampshire Constabulary 01/07/2020

“COVID-19 Impacts: Early Years”

Sutton Trust 01/07/2020

Mind UK 30/06/2020

“Domestic abuse: get help during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (translations)”

GOV UK 26/06/2020

“Man From Newcastle Sentenced for Preparing Others to Commit Acts of Terrorism and Inciting Terrorism Overseas”

Counter Terrorism Policing 26/06/2020

IICSA 25/06/2020

“Study reveals impact of COVID-19 on young carers”

University of East Anglia 24/06/2020

“How is COVID-19 affecting children and young people in BAME communities?”

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 24/06/2020

Hampshire Constabulary 23/06/2020

“Hundreds of children facing endless delays in the criminal justice system to be convicted as adults”

Just For Kids Law 23/06/2020

“Kooth sees Significantly Higher Increases in Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety and Depression among BAME Young People, Compared to White Counterparts”

Xen Zone 22/06/2020

Daily Echo 21/06/2020

“14-year-old boy accused of making bombs with shrapnel for Islamist terror attack appears in court”

Independent 19/06/2020

“Expoliting Isolation: Sexual Predators Increasingly Targeting Children During Covid Pandemic”

Europol 19/06/2020

SWGfL 18/06/2020

“Rise in the incidence of abusive head trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic”

British Medical Journal 

“Definitions and signs of child abuse”


Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

“Online blackmail education resource for 15-18 year olds”

Think U Know 

“A 14-year-old boy has been charged with terrorism offences”

Hampshire Police 17/06/2020

“Social connection, loneliness and lockdown”

Research in Practice

“Covid-19 could widen mental health inequalities for a generation, says Centre for Mental Health report”

Centre for Mental Health 

Farrer & Co. 16/06/2020

“Coronavirus social-contact curbs ‘put adolescents at risk'”

BBC 13/06/2020

“Legal loophole leaves hundreds of vulnerable children facing homelessness to look after themselves”

Just For Kids Law 11/06/2020

Channel 4

“Protecting children from domestic abuse during coronavirus”

NSPCC 10/06/2020

The Guardian 09/06/2020

“Coronavirus and loneliness, Great Britain: 3 April to 3 May 2020”

Office for National Statistics 08/06/2020

“Mental health of under-5s at risk”

National Children’s Bureau

INEQE Safeguarding Group

“Four charged as part of operation to tackle county lines from London to Southampton”

Daily Echo 04/06/2020

“Man exposed himself to girl in Eastleigh”

Daily Echo 04/06/2020

BBC 02/06/2020

“Coronavirus lockdown ‘perfect storm’ for abused children – Sajid Javid”

BBC 01/06/2020

“County Lines after COVID – a new threat?”

Crest Advisory

NSPCC 29/05/2020

“Looking for young peoples views on policing the pandemic”

Hampshire Alert 29/05/2020

“Almost 7,000 Childline counselling sessions with children about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak”

NSPCC 28/05/2020

Child Protection in Sport Unit 26/05/2020

“Tackling violence against women and girls during Covid-19”

GOV Scotland 19/05/2020

“Bradford child sexual exploitation: Police arrest 27 males”

BBC 19/05/2020

Internet Watch Foundation 20/05/2020

“£5m for mental health in schools will include new support for under-11s and teachers”

GOV Wales 18/05/2020

“Online safety during coronavirus”

NSPCC 18/05/2020

Child Protection in Sport 15/05/2020

“Parent survey reveals widespread concerns about mental health impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental health”

YoungMinds 14/05/2020

“Breast Flattening”


GOV UK 08/05/2020

“Mental health risks for new and pregnant mothers during coronavirus”

NSPCC 06/05/2020

“New research explores motives and behaviour of perpetrators of child sexual exploitation”

IICSA 05/05/2020

Trussell Trust 01/05/2020

“ and Barnardo’s Scotland urge young people to speak up about harm and neglect”

Barnardos 28/04/2020

“Child sexual abuse survivors hope to help others by sharing experiences”

IICSA 28/04/2020

GOV UK 28/04/2020

“Alarming signs of rising domestic abuse require urgent Government response”

Parliament UK 27/04/2020

““Zero tolerance” is needed across Europe as figures show it’s a world hub for hosting child sexual abuse material”

Internet Watch Foundation 27/04/2020

Ann Craft Trust 

“Briefing: Children, domestic abuse and coronavirus”

Children’s Commissioner 

“TikTok bans under-16s from private messaging”

BBC 16/04/2020

Safer Internet 15/04/2020

“Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for parents and carers to keep children safe online”

GOV UK 14/04/2020

“Gangs still forcing children into ‘county lines’ drug trafficking”

The Guardian 13/04/2020

The Guardian 12/04/2020

“Digital safety and wellbeing kit”

Children’s Commissioner 

“Law enforcement in coronavirus online safety push as National Crime Agency reveals 300,000 in UK pose sexual threat to children”

National Crime Agency


“My Story: How I Was Radicalised”

Counter Extremism 

“Facing Homelessness During Coronavirus?”

Centre Point

Hampshire Alert 13/04/2020

“Appeal for witnesses following serious assault in Southampton”

Hampshire Alert 11/04/2020

“E-fit issued following dog walker assault in Basingstoke”

Hampshire Alert 11/04/2020

GOV UK 11/04/2020

“Home Secretary announces support for domestic abuse victims”

GOV UK 11/04/2020

“Fifth of primary children afraid to leave house over Covid-19, survey finds”

The Guardian 10/04/2020

Net Aware 09/04/2020

“Children’s storybook released to help children and young people cope with COVID-19”

The UN Refugee Agency 09/04/2020

“Watch this cyberspace! Schoolgirls aim for UK codebreaker crown”

National Cyber Security Centre 09/04/2020

National Cyber Security Centre 08/04/2020

“Coronavirus: safeguarding and child protection”

NSPCC 08/04/2020

“Guidance on avoiding Fraud and Cybercrime linked to COVID-19”

Hampshire Alert 07/04/2020

Hampshire Alert 07/04/2020

“Act Awareness E-Learning Marks Second Anniversary”

Counter Terrorism Policing 07/04/2020

“Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for victims of modern slavery”

GOV UK 06/04/2020

GOV UK 06/04/2020

“Coronavirus: Domestic abuse calls up 25% since lockdown, charity says”

BBC 06/04/2020

“Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (SVSCSA) Fund 2020-22”

GOV UK 06/04/2020

Parliament UK 02/04/2020

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