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“Protecting children from peer-on-peer sexual abuse”


Children in Wales

PODCAST: “Fabricated and Induced Illness: Professional Dilemmas w/ Dr Sarah Steele”

Child Protection Professionals

“New MI5 chief says UK facing ‘nasty mix’ of threats”

BBC, 15/10/2020

GOV Wales

“Abuse and Harassment Driving Girls Off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter”

Plan International

“Child sexual abuse survivors describe negative experiences of redress process”

IISCA, 14/10/2020

GOV UK, 10/10/2020

“The ‘new normal’: The future of education after Covid–19”

Institute for Public Policy Research, 09/10/2020

“More than 500 child victims of ‘revenge porn’ in England and Wales last year”

The Guardian, 09/10/2020

Daily Echo, 09/10/2020

“£200 million, 10-year fund to prevent children becoming involved in violence invites you to shape their future”

Youth Endowment Fund, 07/10/2020

“‘Disturbing’ rise in videos of children who have been groomed into filming their own abuse”

Safer Internet Centre, 07/10/2020

London School of Economics, 07/10/2020

“Inquiry report finds Anglican Church failed to protect children from sexual abuse”

IICSA, 06/10/2020

“Teen Guilty of Right-Ring Terrorism Offences”

Counter Terrorism Policing, 06/10/2020


“‘So old he was losing his hair’: survivors urge MPs to end scandal of UK’s child brides”

The Guardian, 03/10/2020

“Hitler Youths: The Rise of the Teenage Far Right Terrorists”

Hope Not Hate

Parliament UK, 02/10/2020

“Why should we be talking about domestic abuse with our young people?”

Sex Education Forum, 01/10/2020

“Ten groomers snared by paedophile hunters in Hampshire”

Daily Echo, 03/10/2020

Office for National Statistics, 02/10/2020

“Sexting: advice for professionals”

NSPCC, 01/10/2020

“County lines: Teenage drug dealers posed as key workers during lockdown”

BBC News, 30/09/2020

NSPCC, 30/09/2020

“Mayor supporting hundreds of young Londoners to exit County Lines”

Mayor of London and London Assembly, 30/09/2020

“A comprehensive recovery package is needed to tackle rising tide of childhood vulnerability caused by the Covid crisis”

Children’s Commissioner, 29/09/2020

Marie Collins Foundation, 28/09/2020

“Suicide prevention: developing a local action plan”

GOV UK, 28/09/2020

“Molly Russell social media material ‘too difficult to look at'”

BBC News, 26/09/2020

Children’s Commissioner for Wales

“More than 1,000 arrested and over 1,500 vulnerable people safeguarded in County Lines crackdown”

National Crime Agency, 25/09/2020

“Paedophile sentenced at Southampton Crown Court”

Daily Echo, 25/09/2020

Hampshire Constabulary, 25/09/2020

“Government needs to do more to support young people who self-harm says Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention APPG”

Samaritans, 23/09/2020

“Loot Boxes in Video Games – Call for Evidence”

GOV UK, 23/09/2020

Hampshire Constabulary, 22/09/2020

“Digital Resilience Framework”

GOV UK, 18/09/2020

“Signs that a girl could be at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)”

HWB, 18/09/2020

Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 17/09/2020

“Man charged in connection with large cocaine seizure in Gosport”

Hampshire Alert, 17/09/2020

“Quarterly TACT Stats Reveal Decrease in CT Arrests During Lockdown”

Counter Terrorism Policing, 17/09/2020

Hampshire Police, 17/09/2020

“UK theme for Safer Internet Day 2021 announced”

UK Safer Internet Centre, 16/09/2020

“General Advice and Resources for Young People”

Rise Above

Research in Practice

“Children and young people from low income backgrounds show elevated mental
health difficulties throughout lockdown”

Oxford University

“Preventing harmful sexual behaviour”

Stop It Now

Sky News 18/09/2020

“Inquiry to hold public hearing into child sexual exploitation by organised networks”

IICSA 17/09/2020

“Leading experts appeal for an energetic and sustained response to childhood trauma during and beyond the pandemic”

Anna Freud  17/09/2020

Every Child Protected Against Trafficking 17/09/2020

“Cyber threat to disrupt start of university term”

BBC News 17/09/2020

“Neurodiverse people invited to share experiences of child sexual abuse”

IICSA  16/09/2020

BBC News 16/09/2020

“Case file analysis of child sexual abuse in institutional settings to inform Inquiry research”

IICSA 15/09/2020

“‘Soaring alcohol misuse’ could overwhelm service”

BBC  15/09/2020

Hampshire Alert 15/09/2020

“Mental-health team ‘failed son’ before shooting”

BBC 15/09/2020

“Man charged with county line drug supply”

Hampshire Constabulary  15/09/2020

Educate Against Hate 14/09/2020

“Key workers warn ‘new wave’ of families to be plunged into ‘bleakest’ winter crisis, as parents struggle to feed and clothe their children”

Action for Children  14/09/2020

LOCAL: “Hampshire Constabulary’s Cyber Crime Team are issuing a warning after a 15 year old girl’s Snapchat account was taken over by hackers”

Hampshire Police  11/09/2020

Children’s Commissioner 10/09/2020

“Children as young as six regularly making their own decisions about what content to watch, without help from mum or dad”

BBFC 09/09/2020

“Report Harmful Content announce 9 new partnerships contributing to safer online dating and gaming”

Safer Internet Centre  09/09/2020

Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC) 04/09/2020

“Childhood criminal records are undermining positive developments across the youth justice system”

Standing Committee for Youth Justice 04/09/2020

LOCAL: “Man seen ‘acting strangely’ outside infant school in Southampton”

Daily Echo  09/09/2020

Hampshire Alert 02/09/2020

“UK joins international allies in issuing cyber defence advice for organisations”

National Cyber Security Centre 01/09/2020

“The new cult of militant misogyny poisoning minds”

Daily Mail  02/09/2020

Hampshire Alert 02/09/2020

“UK joins international allies in issuing cyber defence advice for organisations”

National Cyber Security Centre 01/09/2020

“RCPCH publishes statement on mental health”

RCPCH  01/09/2020

GOV Scotland 01/09/2020

LOCAL: “Extinction Rebellion Southampton launch protest against climate change”

Daily Echo 30/08/2020

“Face to face support increases for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence”

GOV Wales 29/08/2020

Anna Freud 26/08/2020

“Government must act to protect vulnerable children excluded from school and exploited by criminal gangs warns children’s charity”

Just For Kids Law 26/08/2020

“Athletes helpline receives more than 120 calls since July launch”

BBC 26/08/2020

GOV UK 25/08/2020

LOCAL: “Man drove hundreds of miles to meet girl, 14, for sex”

Daily Echo 25/08/2020

“Coronavirus: Teens’ anxiety levels dropped during pandemic, study finds”

BBC 24/08/2020

Children’s Commissioner 22/08/2020

“New £3.3 million fund to give babies from deprived areas or BAME backgrounds the best start in life”

GOV UK 21/08/2020

“More than 100,000 young people supported as violence reduction units get new funding boost”

GOV UK 21/08/2020

Children’s Commissioner 21/08/2020

“Sexual abuse of South Asian children: what social workers need to know”

Community Care 19/08/2020

“Berlin motorway crashes probed as terror attack”

BBC 19/08/2020

Women’s Aid 18/08/2020

“Border Force takes responsibility for care of unaccompanied children as Kent reveals doubling in numbers”

Community Care 18/08/2020

“UNICEF launches first ever domestic emergency response programme to provide food support for vulnerable children across the UK”

UNICEF 17/08/2020

NSPCC 10/08/2020

“Catch22’s National Online Harms Consultation finds young people and frontline staff demand better protection”

Catch22 07/08/2020

“Preventing Child Exploitation w/ Kelechi Ukandu” (Podcast)

Child Protection Professionals


“Good Childhood Report 2020”

Children’s Society

“An overview of data on abuse of adolescents” (Report)


Child Protection Professionals

“Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) 2020: CASPAR briefing”


“The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on child welfare: physical abuse” (Briefing Paper)


NSPCC 10/08/2020

“Catch22’s National Online Harms Consultation finds young people and frontline staff demand better protection”

Catch22 07/08/2020

“The Safety Net is Gone”

Child Poverty Action Group 05/08/2020

Buttle UK 04/08/2020

“County lines and modern slavery arrests in West Yorkshire and Humberside”

BBC 04/08/2020

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