Figuring out if an Apprenticeship is the right path for you can be difficult; there’s a lot to consider and different Apprenticeships will have different eligibility criteria.

Until May 2017 you would not be funded for an Apprenticeship in a lower level than your highest qualification, and if you had a degree you could not be funded for a level 3 Apprenticeship. The rules have now changed, and you will be funded for a lower level apprenticeship provided it is in a different subject area than your highest-level qualification. This means if you have gone to University and decided that you don’t want to pursue a job in the subject area you studied, you would be able to change you career plan and get funded for a lower level Apprenticeship that could be the start of a career you love.

Another large consideration is the wage. During your first year of an Apprenticeship, if you are employed as an Apprentice you are eligible to receive the Apprentice minimum wage; after you have completed your first year your employer is obligated to pay you national minimum wage for your age group. You have to consider if this wage is feasible for you to live on during the duration of your Apprenticeship.

Your learning style can really affect whether you would suit an Apprenticeship as well. All of our Apprenticeships at Showcase are work-based; you will meet with your Tutor once a month to review your progress and complete observations or discussions. However, a lot of your work will be set as homework and self-guided study is hugely important; if that is something you aren’t very good at you may struggle. In saying this, if you are willing to put the effort into your Apprenticeship the rewards are incredible.

No two people are the same; if after reading this post you are still unsure if an Apprenticeship is for you, you can always contact our office and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you further.