Traineeships provide a blend of classroom-based learning and work placement to prepare you for work as an Apprentice. You will gain skills that will boost your CV and set you up to start your career. Traineeships are a great way to gain the experience you need to start your Apprenticeship journey within Childcare.


Our Traineeships are an ideal opportunity for young people, aged 19 to 24, who are motivated to get a job but lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for. Individuals who have been unsuccessful when applying for an Apprenticeship or other job due to a lack of skills and experience are most likely be good candidates for a Traineeship. 

Candidates applying should:

  • Be motivated to work

  • Be unemployed or work fewer than 16 hours a week and have little work experience

  • Be qualified below a Level 3

Please note, those in receipt of benefits are eligible to apply but please speak with your local Job Centre for further advice if needed. 


Traineeships have been designed to help young people to develop skills and experience prior to commencing a full-time role within a workplace. This has a huge benefit for employers and other supporting members of staff, including further development of mentoring and coaching skills. Training costs, including Maths and English, are met by the Government, and we will work with you on an individual basis to tailor course content and design a programme to help build a
pool of high quality future recruits. You are not required to pay the Trainee, and costs will be met by the Government or Showcase. 

All classroom training sessions will be at the Showcase Office, highlighted on the map below. You will receive a timetable confirming the dates and times you will need to be here. The map below also shows where current employer vacancies are.