FE Week has reported that apprenticeship training organisations FNTC (Fawley Nursery Training Centre) and MiddletonMurray have unfortunately collapsed. 

All four companies owned by Angela Middleton (FNTC, MiddletonMurray, Astute Minds, and Teaching and Learning Group) have surrendered their apprenticeship contracts and subsequently no longer appear on the register of apprenticeship training providers. A spokesperson for the companies has attributed COVID as the cause for the collapse.

The Department for Education has said that due to the sheer size of the companies and numbers of apprentices impacted, a “dedicated provider change” team has been put in place to support learners and employers, and that they are writing to all affected. 

As far as we are aware, FNTC, MiddletonMurray, or any other associated organisations with the parent company, are unable to be contacted via phone or email, and websites and social media pages have been taken down. 

We respect this as a very difficult time for all employees and staff involved with the brand and extend our sympathies and support to them in these difficult times. 


Advice and Support for Employers and Apprentices

Whilst we cannot and will not comment on the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the two organisations, we appreciate the need for advice and support for apprentices at various levels of progress on their courses. We are happy to pass on any information we can to support employers and apprentices; please contact us on 01329 848714 or email hello@showcasetraining.co.uk and we will do our best to help. 

Here is some commonly known information that you may find useful:

  • For current apprentices, you are able to transfer your programme to another training provider of your choice (including Showcase). Work completed so far is reassessed into the qualification the training provider offers, and you will be re-enrolled to the same programme in order to complete.
  • Long-standing apprentices may find they are completing old qualifications that have now expired and can no longer be claimed for. In this instance, work completed so far would be marked against the new qualification and the training provider will work with the apprentice and employer to upskill towards the new award.
  • Apprentices should still be able to access online portfolios via e-learning platforms such as OneFile or eTrack. Unfortunately it is unlikely you will be able to access a paper-based portfolio if it is still with FNTC or MiddletonMurray, and we advise you contact the Department for Education for further advice and support on this. 
  • For those already complete but chasing certificates etc., if the portfolio claim has been submitted to the awarding body, a certificate should be able to be reissued. You will need to contact the awarding body (details below) to reissue certificates, though this usually comes at a charge of around £40.
  • If the portfolio had been submitted but not yet claimed with the awarding body, the certificates will not be issued and you will need to contact a training provider as if you are not yet complete. They will then reassess your work as above to help you complete. 


Common Awarding Body Contact Details:

Other Key Contact Information: 

  • Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA): 0370 267 0001.
  • Department for Education: 0370 000 2288


We hope this information is useful in supporting employer and apprentices affected. If we can help provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: 01329 848714

Email: hello@showcasetraining.co.uk


Team Showcase