Almost all our apprentices have to sit at least one functional skills exam with us, and this can seem extremely daunting. However, making sure that you are well prepared if the first step to success.

The first steps

When completing a Showcase Training Apprenticeship, you will be set initial assessments and diagnostics before you are signed up. By completing these you can see your strengths and areas for improvement and your Tutor will be able to help you build your skills.

You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire on your learning style – remember your result as this will help you later.

With your Tutor

You be given mock papers to complete. These are extremely beneficial as you can see what sort of questions to expect and you can get feedback from your Tutor.

Don’t be afraid to ask your Tutor for help. If you are stuck on something make sure you ask; if you have completed a mock paper and want more then ask for another. Your Tutor is there to support you in achieving your qualification, but communication is key.

On your own

When you are revising, make sure that you aren’t just wasting your time looking at notes that aren’t sinking in.

Use your learning style to determine a revision method that works best for you.

You may find that doing lots of practice questions helps or watching YouTube videos (ask your assessor for useful links) or making flash cards. If you are struggling to find something that works for you ask your Tutor for some helpful revision tips.

The Exam

The night before the exam make sure that you get a full night’s sleep – don’t stay up all night cramming or you’ll be tired when it comes to it. It’s more beneficial to do a little revision each night leading up to the exam – use your mock papers and diagnostics to see what areas to focus on.

Keep yourself hydrated – take in a bottle of water.

Eat before hand – have a good breakfast or lunch so that you don’t get distracted by a rumbling tummy and thoughts of food.

Take a deep breath – whatever happens remember to take deep breaths and take your time.


Whatever happens, good luck!