Finding interview success isn’t something that can be taught; each interview is different and employers all want different things from their interviewees. However, a few helpful tips can go a long way in making your interview stand out from the crowd.


  • Research

The internet is a powerful ally in interview preparation – researching your potential employer can make a great impression. It shows that you are interested and self-motivated. Look up simple things like when the business started or what their main focus is.


  • Likely Questions

Preparing answers to questions that you might get asked can be one of the best ways to prepare for an interview. Think about the job you are applying for, what skills would that require, what skills you already have or what your weaknesses are. Having a brief answer in your mind gives you a starting point and often gives a little boost in confidence.


  • Appearance

Dressing appropriately for your interview gives the best first impression. It’s important to consider what the interview will include; for example, wearing a suit to an interview with a practical element isn’t the best idea, but you should still make sure you look professional. If in doubt – be conservative.


  • Don’t rush

It’s a good idea to get everything ready for your interview the night before; this gives you plenty of time on the day to get to the interview without any troubles. Make sure you leave a bit early so that you aren’t late if there are any delays. This also gives you some time to relax a bit before the interview starts.


  • Smile

A smile is a powerful weapon. It’s been proven that even faking a smile can make you happier. It can also make you look more relaxed and friendlier.


  • Plan questions

Having nothing to ask your interviewer can make you appear disinterested so it’s a good idea to plan some questions before hand, even if you only end up asking one. Think of a few just in case they answer your other questions during the interview.


  • Ask for the job

Now I don’t mean just ask the employer “can I have the job?”, but many people assume that just applying and turning up for an interview means you’re interested. It’s a good idea to remind the employer of your intentions multiple times throughout the interview. Simple phrases like “I’m really interested in this job”, “I think I’d be a good fit for this role” or, relating to the previous point, “do you have any concerns about my ability to complete this job?”. Ensure the employer knows that you are passionate about getting the role.

 Your interview isn’t just about how well you answer questions, it is also about seeing if you are a good fit for the company so make sure you always be yourself and don’t lie about what you can and can’t do. It’s important to remember that who you are in interview is who the employer will expect you to be at work, so be honest to yourself.



Good luck!

Team Showcase