How effectively are you using your time?

Do you struggle with lack of motivation or excessive procrastinating?

Setting yourself goals can be the easiest way to achieve. Students that have been set difficult goals learn 250% faster than those that are just told simply to do their best.

Sticking to your goals can be challenging, especially if it is a big task like finishing an apprenticeship.

So how can you make it easier for yourself?

Break it down

One big goal is going to look much scarier and more challenging than a few smaller goals. For example:

Main goal – achieve my apprenticeship

Smaller goals – complete unit 1.1, hand in 3 pieces of work, ask my assessor for feedback on my work

The smaller goals will gradually build up to achieve your main goal.

Write it down

Writing down your goals makes it easier to visualise them and can make them tangible.

Stick the written goal somewhere you are going to see it daily, that way you’ll always be reminded of what you are working towards. You also get the bonus of ripping it up and throwing it away once you’ve completed it!


Look back on where you were and where you want to be and recognise your achievements and how far you have come, especially when you’re getting close to your main goal as that’s when it can seem the most challenging.

Give yourself some down time

It’s crucial to look after yourself, you can’t work 24/7 365, you have to allow yourself to have some time to yourself to rest and recuperate. Your mental and physical health can take a big hit if you work yourself too hard. This also means that the quality of your work could drop and could make completing your goal an altogether longer and more challenging process.

Create accountability

Talk to someone else about what you need to achieve. Having someone else that’s aware of your goals can provide another nudge of motivation.


Achieving your goals can be made so much easier by following these 5 tips and soon you might even find yourself searching for the next challenge to set yourself.

“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there” – Bo Jackson